Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Bromo Travel Package

Privacy Policy – Bromo Travel Package is a medium where you can book Bromo Tour Package – Malang – ijen crater. We put the electronic information as a very important part. Bromo Travel Package in supporting the provisions of existing law in the Republic of Indonesia on the anti-spam policy and money laundering.

Information Customer Data

Customer data is information data sent by each customer at the time of sending customer inquiry form or sign up to the newsletter. No exception to every electronic transaction data that occurs either through direct communication between the customer and Bromo Travel Package.

We store:

We store all customer information data such as name, address, phone, email, IP address, etc. inquiry message.

What we did not save:

We do not store, send, and receive any data or credit cards, debit cards, and any other woods banking data information owned by customers, either in the form of a credit card number, CVV number, billing address, expiry date and so on.

Email & Spam:

We do not buy and sell, give, or exchange any customer data to third parties other than binding, and to other parties such as the police according crustaceans laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia. We send periodic emails in the form of bulletins / newsletters and only to any customer who wishes to receive it. We do not send spam because we know every customer we hate spam, so we hate spam too.

Information to Third Parties

Some data customers will be electronic information that can be automatically sent to a third party, as part of the process customer payments made. Sending data to third parties only occurs at the time of payment processing and are known by the customers.

In the case of internet crime, then we reserve the right to inform the customer data to related parties designated by law in Indonesia and in accordance with the legislation in force in Indonesia.

We are trying our best customers securely store data and provide optimum protection to him, even though we are not responsible for other possibilities are very small occurrence as follows: destruction of data as a result of earthquakes and other natural disasters, acts of theft by hackers / crackers , loss of data due to damage to data storage systems and so on.